Mahan Mirarab

Mahan Mirarab is an Iranian guitarist/composer based in Vienna, Austria. He has spent years learning about Persian music and the indigenous sound and cultures of the country such as Arabic, African, Turkish and Kurdish music, while refining his skills in Jazz music. Notabely using fretless guitar, he specializes in blending the oriental microtonal system with jazz. After moving to Europe in 2009, he has become an acclaimed musician in european music scene. He has participated in various projects in world and jazz music as a performer, as well as a composer/arranger for multiple film theater, and music bands. He has since produced four albums; “Persian Side of Jazz”, “Choub”, “Sehrang”, and the most recent one “Derakht”, from his trio “Golnar & Mahan”.

He has also collaborated in various projects as the player of guitar, fretless guitar, Setar and Oud, with musicians such as Erkan Ogur, Vahag Hayrapetian, Alain Perez, Hadar Noiberg, Fawzi Chekili, Ariel Bringuez, Luis Guerra, Pablo Hernandez Ramos, Turgut Alp Beykoglu, Ahmad Hani Shukri, Pavel Urkiza, Klemens Marktl, Franz Hauzinger, Wolfi Rainer, Robert Jukic, Habib Samandi, Peter Soleimanipour, Babak Maddah, Hamzeh Yeganeh, Shayan Fathi, Golnar Shahyar, Alex Simu, Kaveh Sarvarian, Julien Teyekan, Herve du Ratuld, Habib Meftah Boushehri, Rumi Ensemble, Abrang Quartet, Choupan Trio, Sormeh…..

ALL ABOUT JAZZ: Songs like “Haj Ghorban” and “A Week of Moonlight” dazzle with Mirarab’s enigmatic, transcendent guitar playing, fusing Middle Eastern textures with traditional jazz rhythms.

JAZZ TIMES: “Persian Side of Jazz” enlightens listeners by revealing how widespread jazz’s influence is.

JAZZ CORNER: Persian Side of Jazz is one of the year’s most unique and compelling releases mainly because the stylistic blueprint of Mirarab’s compositions draw upon stylistic influences, mainly Persian folk and world music, that are exotic to stateside ears.


2. Juni 2018@ 20:00