Gypsy meets Tango: Tzigan Gypsy Tango Trio (ARG)

„The music we play involves two different styles: gypsy and tango, whose blending gives rise to unique genre characterized by the passion and the euphoria coming from gypsy music and the melancholy and nostalgia from Argentinian tango.

Our music is sensitive and descriptive for it brings to mind the life experiences of Eastern European gypsies by means of chords and sounds that spring from Argentinian tango. The songs, either sung in Romani and Russian or only instrumental, create a colourful palette of sounds which give testimony of gypsy stories and scenarios portraying: a spring morning, gatherings around the fire, cold evenings and the galloping of distant horses. They also describe the wind, dances, loves and dreams. Everything is there calling upon you to feel…“


11. Juli 2018@ 20:00