Speed Dating with yourself
Do you have some parts of yourself that show up when you’re starting a relationship (romantic and otherwise)? Dating your Demons. These „demons“ we carry are usually deeply in love with us and trying their best to protect us and keep us safe.

What if you could bring them on a date and you two could get to know each other in a joyful and safe space? DEMONS IN LOVE is a space for playful and deep experiences. We believe that healing and growth happen when we create safety by accessing fun and pleasure so that we can play with the heavy burdens we carry. In a group setting, you’ll be invited to engage with your „relational demons“ and allow them to show up and interact with other people’s „demons“. When you allow yourself to meet others „wearing your demons“, you access a different quality of relating and joy with yourself and others.

Self-Discovery + Role-Play + Speed Dating
Ana is a dancing psychologist who, after years working in consulting, training, event management and game design, created her approach to personal development by combining her passions. She offers spaces for people to discover themselves and connect with their essence. Christoph is a performer who, after establishing his career as an actor, found other stages to connect with people. Dancer, bodyworker, and facilitator, he offers others a mix of tools to be seen and to see oneself.

Arrival: 16:50h
Price: 70,00€ (incl. catered food)
The group is limited to 16 participants
More info and registrations: demonsinlove.carrd.co
Registration is mandatory and open till 15th of April.


20. April 2024@ 17:00