DonauVerhau is an enchanting conglomerate of musical fisher*wo*man reaching for the poetics of every metaphorical river floating on this planet. Music like shimmering scales of a rainbow trout that doesn’t know of its beauty, but is revealing it to those who close their eyes and listen to the shimmer and loose them selfs in the spume of audible waves.

DonauVerhau is an international group of musicians from Austria, Italy and Germany living in Linz (Austria) by its eponym; the beautiful river Danube. Just like the Danube, which crosses all over Europe and is connecting various cultures along the way (in fact more than any other river on earth), the Bands aspiration is to interconnect cultures musically and lyrically all along its fluid journey.

The three musicians take you on an acoustic ship ride through Jazz Standards, original compositions and other musical genres. Attempting a modern turn on Gypsy Jazz, the group is trying to push borders and stigmas within the scene of the genre by enriching it with all of the groups nationalities and diverse musical portfolios.

Daniel Bierdümpfl – Guitar
Federico Perinelli – Double bass
Aron Hollinger – Guitar
Pia Sophie Denz – Vocals

Eintritt: Freie Spende

17. Dezember 2022@ 20:00