Dylan Goff:
Born in Drogheda, Ireland, indie-folkster Dylan Goff has been moving concertgoers in Vienna with his frank and poetic songwriting since 2018. Fearlessly honest, Dylan uses his unique lyrical ability to shine a light into the depths of the human spirit, connecting his well-crafted songs with audiences in emotionally charged performances that leave them singing along.

Dylan’s music is shaped by various artists across both the indie and folk music scenes, notably Frightened Rabbit, The National and The Pogues. His debut EP – untethered (side one) – was released in March 2021, receiving national airplay in both Ireland and Austria. His latest EP – untethered (side two) – was released on January 20th, 2023.

Sam Chalcraft:
It’s strange how sometimes, after years of being on the move, it’s only when you finally find a home that the real journey can begin. When Sam Chalcraft arrived in the ‘big city’ of Vienna in late 2016, guitar slung across his shoulders like a modern-day millennial Dick Whittington, he threw himself into Vienna’s thriving Singer-Songwriter scene and embraced any and every possible stage. From the street corner to the coffee shop, metro stations to squats, smoky bars to cosy living rooms and beyond – for three years Sam’s contagiously catchy songs and disarming honesty have rung out to the ears of Vienna – and further since to some of the continent’s biggest stages (Nova Rock, Punk Rock Holiday, Bay Fest, Mighty Sounds etc.).

A few years on and armed with a new direction forged in the fire of hopeful melancholy, Sam gears up to release a batch of news songs, as he attacks 2023 with the same enthusiastic vigour that saw him fulfil a childhood.

Eintritt: Freie Spende


14. April 2023@ 20:00