Far out in an unnamed ocean lies a remote speck of land where there are no crowds, no mobile reception, no internet, no duties. Here, the headlong rush of modern life is swept away with the breeze, revealing the beautiful simplicity of existence: the flow of the present, the interconnection of your self with the world around you, the endless wellspring of creativity. The name of this place is Julie Island.

Some time ago, guitarists Martin Bayer (NEAR, Harry Pepl & the Lonely Single Swinger Band), Mahan Mirarab (Golnar & Mahan), and Andi Tausch (Scattah Brain, Sketchbook Quartet) found their way together in Vienna to explore the possibilities offered by their diverse musical backgrounds. Their efforts were not in vain: Julie Island is a dialogue of strings, possessed of a subtle but confident ensemble sound. The music is a kaleidoscopic mélange of jazz, North African, and Middle Eastern influences, bound together by a unique rapport and a shared love of improvisation. Odd-meter counterpoint is combined with deeply rooted grooves, giving way to melting rubato passages where, for a moment, time is brought to a standstill – all executed with uncommon ease and precision, leaving ample space for the individual personalities to unfold.

Hearing Julie Island for the first time is like arriving on that secret shore and realizing it’s a place you’ve already seen in dreams – a place to let the world to slip away for a little while, to bathe in a warm sea of music under the wheeling stars, and thus to be refreshed. (Philip Yaeger)

Mahan Mirarab – nylon & fretless guitar
Martin Bayer – electric guitar
Andi Tausch – electric guitar

Eintritt: €15 / Ermäßigt €10
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29. Oktober 2020@ 20:00