Consumption is part of our everyday lives. The ecological crisis has made rethinking consumption urgent and mainstream. Responses within our current economic system have mainly produced ways to continue as we did in „green“. The neoliberal narrative preaches to us that we are free to choose what we consume and through this choice have great power to shape the global market.
But what actually drives us to consume as we do? How do psychology, social norms and the economic system play into this? Should we start thinking of consumption on a systemic rather than individual level? And how could we reshape our economy in order to facilitate truly sustainable and just consumption?

Junge Linke Neubau will discuss these and other questions together with Clive Spash, professor at the Institute for Multi-Level Governance and Development at WU Wien. He will give a short input-lecture and afterwards there will be an audience discussion. The event will be held in English. No registration is needed for this event, everyone is welcome!

3. November 2021@ 19:00