Due to the possibility of a wide range of musical expressions and the fact that the players like to take over different “roles“ or “responsibilties“, this band naturally leads the compositions to a category of its own. The music created by violinist Florian Sighartner, saxophonist Astrid Wiesinger and bassist Beate Wiesinger is truly different but could also be described as a mix of the spirit of John Zorn´s Masdada combined with Eric Dolphy´s improv-attitude rooted on pop and hip hop grooves of the 21st century.

Astrid Wiesinger – alto & soprano sax
Florian Sighartner – violin & electronics
Beate Wiesinger – bass & electronics

→ https://www.luchsmusic.com
→ https://www.facebook.com/events/1807355796027320/


18. Oktober 2018@ 20:00