Vienna-based Syrian Oud player and composer, Orwa Saleh, and Turkish-Kurdish soprano singer, Özlem Bulut, have joined forces to create a unique and contemporary music project that blends traditional Middle Eastern music with experimental electronic elements. Saleh’s progressive approach to playing the Oud, a traditional Middle Eastern lute, and his exceptional style of performing and composing, along with Bulut’s pure and clear voice and her fusion of Anatolian and oriental music with jazz, pop, and soul, create a captivating and enchanting sound.

The duo’s new project pushes the boundaries of traditional music, incorporating electronic elements and contemporary sounds, resulting in an innovative and exciting musical experience. With successful solo careers and numerous collaborations under their belts, Saleh and Bulut’s collaboration promises to be a new and exciting chapter in their musical journey, offering a fresh perspective on Middle Eastern music and its place in the contemporary music scene.

22. Juni 2023@ 20:00